Power Up Your Play: Top Gaming Ad Networks to Supercharge Engagement

When it comes to audience monetization, one game in particular, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, dominates the mobile gaming market. However, in-app purchases are more difficult to market to the majority of the mobile gaming industry, and mobile advertising is a simpler way to monetize the increasingly popular free-to-play mobile games.

Location-based and interest-based mobile advertising campaigns are also possible, and an ad network can assist in locating the ideal ad space. Additionally, these networks enable advertisers to run more focused ad campaigns and app developers to monetarily support their businesses.

Mobile publishers have started looking for the top gaming ad networks after realizing that mobile apps are now a popular place to sell ad inventory.

This article will look at the importance of game ad networks and mobile game advertising.

Considering this, the following is a list of Best Gaming Ad Networks. That said, if you’re looking for the Best Interstitial Ad Networks for Publishers or even if the best AdSense Niches for Publishers spike your interest, then worry not as we’ve got you covered on them both! However, for now, let’s get started on our take on the Best Gaming Ad Networks.

In-game advertising: What Is It?

When playing a game, have you ever clicked on an intriguing puzzle or image only to find yourself in an advertisement? These playable advertisements are excellent instances of in-game advertising and act as trailers for live mobile games.

Mobile game advertising targets gamers as a target market and brings in money for advertisers and app publishers. In-game advertising typically triggers impressions of advertisements during game breaks, level transitions, and life-gains.

For the duration of the advertisement, a variety of ad formats are shown in an effort to grab the audience’s attention.

By serving as a middleman and marketplace that connects companies and apps, ad networks streamline mobile advertising.

2024’s Top Gaming Ad Networks:

  1. Unity Ads:

Native advertising are supported by this ad network for creators of mobile games built with Unity.

Unity Ads looks for players that are most likely to provide a better lifetime value in addition to using machine learning to assist developers in acquiring consumers. Put simply, Unity Ads links mobile advertising to the interests of gamers.

Its main goal is to show native video adverts. Interstitial and banner ads follow.

  1. Media.Net

Media.Net is an international network of marketers that promotes licensed goods and premium display ads in order to carry out effective advertising campaigns. The ad network collaborates with a number of prominent publications and ad tech firms.

A display-to-search (D2S) ad type created by Media.Net integrates a user’s search history with potential future keywords. Pre-approved advertisements are shown using this technique on several platforms, including mobile gaming.

By using Media.Net as their ad network, the customer can personalize ad units by changing the ad layout to suit their needs.

Even when a user’s game screen is moving, Media.Net is able to show advertisements in gaming apps.

  1. Chartboost

With Chartboost, you can manage your ad campaigns directly and give users choice over their ad space, allowing you to monetarily support your mobile gaming game. This gives you the option to select the kind of advertisement that will be changed in a certain ad unit.

Zynga, a mobile game developer, owns Chartboost, which provides various ad formats for gaming applications. Game developers receive an average revenue share of 90% from it. Chartboost is compatible with the CPI payment scheme.

  1. AppLovin

One of the few ad networks that specializes in mobile ads only is AppLovin. All ad formats are included, from banner advertisements to video commercials. This advertising network depends on the combination of many formats to build a broad ad community that yields amazing outcomes.

AppLovin uses both CPC and CPI advertising.

  1. AdColony

Strong industry relationships have made ad networks appealing to game makers. Walmart and ABC News are two of the leading companies that cooperate with AdColony, a mobile ad network. A software called AdColony manages high-definition video ad campaigns for revenue. By adjusting the typeface and color scheme, app makers can personalize the advertisements.

AdColony offers a system for programmatic ad buying. It has little ad expenditure, Aurora HD spatial design, and Instant-Play video technology. This network is an excellent illustration of enhanced mobile ad standards and supports both CPI and CPC payment mechanisms.

  1. AdMob

Google’s AdMob combines automated techniques with configurable ad formats to give app owners comprehensive analytics. These insights aid in comprehending the preferences and popular gaming trends of players, which in turn aids in the creation of high-caliber advertising.

AdMob targets gamers who stay away from in-app purchases and customizes user-selected mobile game ads.

Your ad suppliers can place real-time bids for each impression through AdMob. This makes it possible to sell ad units to the highest bidders.

  1. LaunchApp

Interstitial advertisements are StartApp’s main focus, although it also offers 360 apps, app walls, native ads, and video commercials.

StartApp links publishers of games with sponsors that provide creative, interactive advertisements.

This ad network uses the eCPM concept to give its clients the most money possible. 

  1. InMobi

InMobi boosts advertising campaigns and endorses companies that compel users to take action (ad impression).

To optimize ROI on the digital platform, InMobi concentrates on presenting mobile gaming players with high-definition images. App owners now consider InMobi to be a top ad network because of their appographic targeting approach. The term “appographic targeting” describes the precise targeting of a particular audience segment that utilizes a given app. It then generates a number of HD mobile adverts that are relevant.

  1. Vungle

Only video advertising are shown by Vungle to monetize the apps of mobile game developers.

CPM, CPC, CPA, and CPI bidding models are used by Vungle. This software respects user privacy and provides accurate metrics for monitoring user acquisition efforts.

  1. Electronic Turbine

To increase ad impressions, Digital Turbine facilitates communication between mobile game developers and advertisers. In February 2021, the business purchased AdColony, one of the biggest mobile advertising networks globally.

With over 1.5 billion monthly visitors, ApColony boasts rich media formats, HD video technologies, third-party validated viewability rates, a worldwide performance advertising business, and a programmatic marketplace.